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Hailing from the Midlands, 5-piece melancholic synth-rockers Methods burst onto the scene in 2015 and now they’re about to embark on their biggest journey to date. Featuring 6 tracks, the brand-new EP ‘Anything’ encompasses everything this band represent; seriously impressive keyboard-heavy pop rock that sits somewhere in between Interpol, White Lies and Joy Division.

Methods’ trademark inimitable sound has won over fans all over the UK, they’ve toured heavily around the country to showcase their music and as a result have been nominated for a Birmingham Music Award and a Black Country Music Award, not to mention picking up incredible support along the way from BBC Introducing West Midlands. ‘Anything’ is their most ambitious effort to date, an epic collection of euphoric electronics, arena-sized choruses, versatile song writing and downright likability from start to finish. It takes you on a real musical journey of raw storytelling from 5 musicians who clearly love what they do. On creating the record, the band added:

Back Of Your Hand is about TV and media controlling us, or trying to. It’s about the two-faced politicians arguing then being best friends to look good or make a point because that’s what they think people want to see, dumbing down the common people, benefiting themselves. All the songs on the EP are kind of about that subject really. Human Existence is questioning everything and anything, that’s why the EP is called ANYTHING.

From delicate ballad-like piano, to foundation laying drums and an infectious rhythm, ‘Anything’ exploits the classic 80s electronica era with modern indie rock and roll. It bends and completely destroys genre boundaries and creates something special from the get-go. With big build ups and even bigger drops, every single song has its own unique, unforgettable moment that you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

"ANYTHING, as an EP on the surface level may look like a feel good blend of electro and rock, but when you dig a little deeper you’re met with a dark but ultimately hopeful look at humans as a species." RGM magazine

"If this is what's to come from them, there's going to be a bright future for METHODS. Rating: 8/10" Express & Star

"Their first two singles, 'Fires' and 'Mankind' were simply brilliant and if you have never heard METHODS’ music before, these are an excellent place to start. But this is just the start to your journey with METHODS, my friends. Because now is the time for 'Anything'." Its Indie








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