rory gillanders

Rory Gillanders is an Irish solo artist who currently stands very much in the acoustic rock camp.  He already has 2 EP's in the bag, 2017's "Tomorrow Means Nothin'" and last years' "Waiting"


Listen to Rory's music and it is easy to hear his musical influences, which include Noel Gallagher, Ryan Adams and Springsteen. Some might say (clever Oasis reference there!) that Rory does pay more than a passing resemblance to the Gallaghers, but with significantly more hair.

The EP's are very different musically, but with the common thread of Rory's gritty voice throughout. "Tomorrow Means Nothin'" is made up of four edgy rock songs, filled with those instruments you'd expect to hear from a rock artist, guitars, bass, drums etc. Yet "Waiting" is stripped back to basics - one man, acoustic guitar and clever lyrics, only occasionally punctuated with subtle notes for emphasis.


Rory is currently recording new material, his diary is filling up with gigs for the year, and "Waiting" is receiving positive reviews and plenty of airplay. If the new material matches the quality of his previous releases, we think Rory has a bright future.

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