New Music: PYX "Is This What You Want?"

Image by @katyaustinart

Kent-based multi-instrumentalist and rising star, Wesley Triffitt brings his new project PYX to life with the release of single "Is This What You Want?"

Wesley first appeared on the music scene in 2019 with the first 2 singles - the electronic filled "Play On" and the beautifully mellow "The Movies".

The new single is self-recorded, produced and mastered and a change from the guitar-heavy songs we are used to here, notable for the trumpets that take the lead and the organ that quietly holds the whole song together.

It's a fabulously catchy piece of music that has a very familiar feeling to it. Perhaps its the retro-sounding instrumentation, perhaps its the chorus with the classic chord structure, perhaps it's Wesley's vocal style, calm and unassuming. Likely, its a combination between all three.

"This song is about that feeling of paralysis that can strike when we’re faced with pivotal moments; the climax, the tipping point, the point of no return. Hence the song being made of a series of questions without answers. I came up with the idea when watching Season one of Fargo, especially in the incredibly tense interactions between Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton’s characters."

Altogether, we feel like this is a great antidote to all those chocolate eggs you may have eaten this weekend. And should you be struggling to get through the chocolate eggs... I can dispose of them for you?

Find PYX on Facebook and stream on Spotify!

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